How to Fix Arlo Camera Motion Detection Not Working issue?

Arlo Security Cameras are equipped with modern technology to capture the videos as per the customize needs of the users. Motion detection is one the unique feature allow to start recording when there is any kind of moment due to any object or motion of living beings, it start recording all the activity that can be watched anytime by the users on his mobile app.

However, sometimes due to technical reasons Arlo Camera motion detection stops working and not able to detect any kind of motion to record sudden moves. Actually, there can be multiple reasons because of that Arlo security camera face problem while detecting the motion and to fix Arlo motion sensor not workingissue the right steps are listed below.

Steps to Check Arlo Motion Detection Setting  

Step 1: Arlo motion detection will work when it notice any kind of object from that position. Hence, first of all make sure that Arlo Camera is positioned properly at the right height and angle, so that if any kind of motion is detected each and every activity can be recorded.

Step 2: To use the motion detection feature you have to enable this function on your Arlo camera and mobile app. So make sure this featured is activated or not, if there is any problem or you don’t know how to enable this feature call at Arlo security camera support.

Step 3: Arlo motion detection feature works according to the sensitivity level of the motion, if it has been set at low sensitivity, then it will not detect slow moving objects or react with the late response to detect motion in your backyard or office premises.

Step 4: Motion detection feature allows users to get immediate alert on his registered mail id when any kind of motion is detected within the scope of camera lenses. So, check your registered mail id in Arlo app whether it correct or not, may be camera is detecting the motion and sending the alert at wrong mail address.

All these troubleshooting steps can help you to solve the issue of Arlo camera motion detection not working with assured results. However, if still Arlo is not able to detect the motion, means there is a bigger problem and you need an expert for help. Just call at Arlo customer support number 1-844-802-1666 and get online assistance to configure the motion detection settings professionally and if there is any other issue get it fixed by the techies remotely.

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