Top 15 Reasons to Love the Arlo Security Light

Arlo security Light

Arlo Security Light is 100% Wireless, Weather Resistant, Super-Bright LED Light. Easily customize your lighting settings from anywhere and get instant alerts when motion is detected. Automatically automate your Smart Lite to work wisely or to cover more angles with your Arlo Security light system. Use Arlo app to adjust brightness, beam width, color, and flashing patterns remotely. When you are at home, work or vacation, set your lights. Power it with a long-running rechargeable battery or plug it in with a simple solar panel or sold out outdoor adapter (sold separately). Integration with IFTT enables custom interaction with other smart home appliances.

Arlo Security Light

                               Smart Features Overview

  1. 100% Wire-Free
    Electric wiring and wiring hassle-free. Keep it anywhere
  2. Fully Customization
    Turn it on or off, change colors, adjust beam width, and more
  3. Weather-Resistant
    IP 65-certified to work inside or outside the house in rain, sun, or cold
  4. Scheduling
    Automate your lights when you’re at home, work or vacation
  5. Rechargeable Battery
    Convenient and long-term for spending on security lighting
  6. Works with Arlo Camera System
    When the light detects the light, set your Arlo camera to record
  7. Smart Controls
    Use the Arlo app to manage and automate your lights from anywhere
  8. Multi-Colored LED Light
    Choose from millions of colors for safety or ambient light
  9. Motion Detection Alerts
    Get instant notifications on your smartphone or email
  10. IFTTT® Integration
    Create custom automation with other smart home appliances
  11. 400 Lumens
    Super bright LEDs make outdoor areas bright
  12. Works with Amazon Alexa®
    Use simple voice commands to turn your lights on or off
  13. Dusk to Dawn
    Automatic battery power saving facility in bright environment
  14. Arlo Integration for Enhanced Home Safety
    When the movement triggers the Arlo Security Light to turn on, your Arrow Security camera can be configured to start recording so you can see the activity or turn on additional lights.
  15. Outdoor Mount
    While securing your Arrow Safety Light on your doors, porches, trees and much more, easily adjustable mount 360 degrees Swiss and provide 90 degree inclination for the right light angle.

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